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   Dear Families and Friends,
   It’s hard to believe that 2016 has almost ended, we hope you’ve had an amazing year!
   Besides working hard on his job, Ming has been trying to take his sport of fencing to a new level by competing in        tournaments. Ming has recently taken time off from work to spend time with his father and help him remodel his house  in Taipei. He has traveled back and forth between there and Denver, committed to getting this task done before  Chinese New Year.
   This year, JJ marked her 25th anniversary at UAL.  It only seems like yesterday she was a  junior reserve who wished  she had a senior flight attendant’s professionalism, grace, and seniority. With a blink of an eye, she is now a senior  mama herself and is still going.
   Tiffany is having a fantastic time at Wharton, living her dream. The school has provided her with a rich social  environment, a level education, and an interest to pursue in, we are very glad the school suits her well.
   Ellie has a strong interest in reading that has led her to book festivals across the country in Santa Monica, Chicago,  and Charleston this year. She was so thrilled to meet renowned authors and those who share her passion for reading.
   Merry Christmas and have a wonderful year of the rooster in 2017.
   Ming, JJ, Tiffany & Ellie
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